PyroSure Rail-8


Rail-8 are constructed from extruded aluminium and heavy duty return springs.

Designed for flexibility Rail-8 are designed to be placed right in amongst the action. Easily attached to display equipment such as Mortar Racks and Candle Fans.

 negate the requirement for long igniter wire. Simply connect to the Module or rail 24 using standard CAT 5 cable and connectors. All the CAT 5 connection ports in PyroSure are gold plated, eliminating corrosion. The CAT 5 cable is not used for communication, it simply delivers current to the igniter.

Do the Rail-8 water test – connect an igniter to each cue, perform a continuity test and then sink the Rail-8 in water and fire as normal. The performance will not be affected by any amount of moisture.



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