Pyrosure Version 2 Advanced Controller


$2,289.17 (inc. VAT)

The PyroSure Digital Controller is housed in a rugged heavy duty ABS case with a solid aluminium control panel.

One of the main features of the system is the easy to use 7 inch capacitor touch screen with user friendly interfaces.

Cue selection and entry have never been easier with most functions offering defaults to speed processes up and make the system more self explanatory.

Other features on the controller are an emergency stop button, shows can be restarted at the exact instant it was stopped, with or without music.

DMX output

CAN Bus 2 wire comms

Arm key, which is supplemented by an on screen security code entry. All arm keys are identical, whilst each security code is unique – allocated by the system owner.

Left and Right mini jack plugs for stereo music output and a built in 2 watt speaker. Wav files supported.

USB connector for downloading firing scripts up to 20KB and updating firmware

Power pack consisting of 12800mAh li-ion battery, 12 hours operating and 40 hours stand by time. There is a 5v connection to provide unlimited operating time.

The System uses one of the most advanced chip in the communications industry.

Network Set-up automatically scans 12 channels to avoid interference. Each channel has 65,000 network addresses available.

It has a range of up to 2 km using line of sight in ideal conditions

Fully encrypted transmission, the controller is capable of delivering data packages way beyond the requirement of a firing system.

Weight 4 kg


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