Launch Kontrol Pulse Clips use a patended e-clip design. Clips can be clamped to the safety fuse of any firework. A 9v source (such as that from the Launch Kontrol Pulse) is sufficient to ignite the fuse with a 150 ms pulse.

Manufactured using industrial soldering machines, every clip has its own PCB which is used to accurately measure resistance and carry out quality control checks. We have recently improved the design of the clips further by introducing a fixed-axis point to add extra strength to the construction and assembly.

Each Launch Kontrol Pulse Clip has its own connection socket, allowing the cables to be easily detached and reused after firing (only the clip must be discarded). A small number of Launch Kontrol Pulse Clips are supplied with the Launch Kontrol Pulse system.

This is a refill pack containing 20 clips



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