Fan Slice Holder


$123.78 (inc. VAT)

Rugged tough and durable for all conditions. Adjustable segment holder in painted steel. Threaded sliding rods holding up to 8 single row cakes securely in place.  Also suitable for retaining small battery cakes.

A heavy duty frame and holder made in matt black painted steel construction. Ideal for all firework displays. Suitable for use with small display cakes and single row firework slices. Ideal for up to 8 standard 30mm Cat 4 fan slices.

Supplied with 6 adjustable cross bars to secure the Pyrotechnics into place, once the fireworks have been positioned lock the cross bars in place by tightening the wing nuts on the threaded ends.

In inclement weather just slide the unit into a plastic bag.

Also perfect for attaching rails/ slats for connection to a firing system.

Units stack for transport.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 87 x 53 x 15 cm


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